Our mantra Unlimited Happiness helps us create special moments. Not only for our members, but also for our employees. Vaqam Holidays Inn is a place with endless opportunities for innovation and challenges that will inspire your career. The culture of the work is based on honesty, respect and trust between employees, so responsibility lies at work. We believe that this helps us grow all of us.

Do you like the atmosphere with young, dynamic and positive energy? Where can you express your ideas, where you strongly influence your talent, your hard work, your zeal and your joint work?

So Vaqam Holidays Inn is the place for you. Here the salary increase depends not only on your goals, but also on compliance with our corporate values. At Vaqam Holidays Inn, we believe in investing in your career, because we know that this inner motivation contributes to good performance for our talents.

Vaqam Holidays Inn is a very socially responsible organization. He notes “Fun with Work” as a value. This is the place where employees come to work, have fun, write stories, but two out of three is not an option. So, if you are looking for a useful job, it will not just lead you to the right people.Stay at the Vaqam Holidays Inn.