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Vaqam Holidays Inn is your ideal travel companion when it comes to vacations. For great service, cost savings and convenient hotel solutions for professional travel managers, administrators and business travelers, contact us. We understand the problems you face in this competitive market when booking hotels and flights. We take care of your special wishes and offer the best discounts for flights/hotels. The budget hotel Vaqam Holidays Inn & Suites offers its customers services such as: In our portfolio, we have more than 100 properties connected and rented. We will manage your complex and time-consuming travel needs as you focus on your business. Through an innovative approach to global hospitality, we will take care of your travel needs.We would be disappointed if you do not ask why we are the best. We are a customer-oriented organization, and we provide and provide qualified travel experts with excellence. We focus on understanding what you want, then we order the best deals to meet your needs.

  • VClient Focused
  • Outstanding prices
  • Innovative and efficient
  • Strong network and connections
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Domestic as well as Global servicing
  • Efficient decision making and flexible
  • Dedicated travel consultants and customer service representatives


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